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We believe how you give says a lot about the world you wish to live in.

Over the years, the American Veteran learned to make a greater impact by trying to give with everything we do. We partner with other incredible organizations and feature sustainable and charitable products for distribution, doubling our impact. Partnering with Feeding South Florida and Farm Share increased our impact from distributing 350 meals per month to 500!

We won't change the world alone; we will change it together by giving. Let's help make a better tomorrow by giving today.

Your gift matters to the person you give it to and the family you help feed. When you make a donation, 85 percent goes directly to providing food and other much needed services to our displaced Veterans and their families. Making sure they have provisions for seven days of the week.

We are an exceptional non profit, however we are extremely underfunded. This is why we call on our donors more often than other charities may. Not only are you giving a co-worker, client, friend or loved one the happiness that comes with having food on their tables, you're also providing a family with the chance to thrive.

The generous support of individuals like you makes it possible for our organization to exist and to make the community a great place to live.

Keeping the Promise to Those who Served

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Welcoming Our Heroes Home

Welcoming Our Heroes Home

Food scarcity is not the problem, food distrubution is.

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